Welcome to my website!  Hope I'm not being too forward, but it seemed like a good idea to share a little information, especially since so many have contacted me seeking information on recent books.  Nothing fancy, but here's more than you need to know!

I am a retired Professional Engineer with a passion for doing things that “make a difference.”   Developing creative skills, a love of writing and photography, plus a little research and graphic design, all have contributed to the creation of several well-received books, and continue to drive me onward.  The real driving force, though, is a desire to use whatever gifts and opportunities God may give in a way that brings Him honor.  I'm hoping that something I say or do will encourage someone to accept Christ as their own personal Savior.  There is no better aim in life, and certainly no other hope to be found anywhere!

Check the links to read about my first book, Climbing the Right Ladder, published in 1998.  My first attempt at doing something creative, it is a historical narrative that follows the Cornett family through the generations from the Revolutionary War veteran, William Cornett, to the present day, and includes a large collection of genealogy.  Receiving an "Outstanding Authors Award" for this book only fueled the desire to continue on.  This first book has been sold out for years, with copies purchased in thirty states.  Orders are still being processed for the complete PDF version which is available on CD.

The popular In Search of Heaven on Earth in Kentucky is a bicentennial collector’s edition chronicling the independent Christian churches and Churches of Christ in Kentucky.  This "seven-pound" coffee-table quality photographic documentary has received praise from many since its publication in 2004. (So much so that I just have to share some of the wonderful comments I have received...)  This was a 7-year, 20,000 mile project that was done before the digital age advances allowed me to escape the darkroom.

I collaborated with Dr. Donald A. Nunnelly on yet another ambitious adventure to photograph, provide layout, design, and publishing of a  photographic documentary covering the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky.  Completed before the bicentennial observance of Thomas Campbell's  Declaration and Address The People of the Table, was published in 2008.

One of my favorite books is a collection of portfolio photographs that are presented in a form to enlighten and stimulate thought on just what God might be telling us through His Word and how it relates to our everyday encounters with the creation. This book,  EVERYMAN 3.0  is only available in digital format through Amazon.  Several other recent works are also available online via Amazon.

You're also invited to check the photography Gallery to see a few of my favorite photos.  You might expect them to include grandchildren!  I'm hoping you find something you like, and would love to hear from you if you do!  Who knows, my photos may be real collector items one day!


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